The Signature Hooliegrows (TM)

What makes our Onesies so special?
Exceptional quality made by our own factory in Durban. No cost is spared to ensure your onesies are good to be passed down to the next little one. Made to withstand many washes.

Two Way zips
A two-way zipper adds extra functionality and versatility to the onesies. They are also commonly referred to as “dual or double zippers” and are especially popular in baby and toddler onesies. Mom can zip down to the waist while the bottom is kept warm or zip the bottom up to the waist while the chest stays warm.

Open Ended Zips fitted from the bottom

The zip is fitted from the bottom up so that the chest can stay warm for nappy changes or midnight look visits for the older toddlers.
How does it work?

Cotton Lycra
Just a hint of lycra is added to the cotton to ensure fabric stability and extra stretch for busy limbs.

Plush Velour
Kids are besotted with the tactile cuddliness.
Easy fit in the softest velour coral fleece imaginable.

Extra long length
When they pull up their limbs at nap time, they won’t put pressure on seams or pull up at the inner leg area. As comfy to kick and play in as your little one deserves.

Fold-Over Footies
During the day, they can be worn up so no slipping and sliding. At night, simply fold over the feet for warm and toasty toes.

Soft Underflap for Zips
A zip and soft kiddies skin should not touch. We use an extra wide cotton underlap so the zips don’t touch skin or pinch undergarments.

Larger than usual fit

Say no more, growth spurts are catered for!
When the footies can no longer fold over, they work perfectly as day wear with the ankle cuffs up.