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Winter Fabrics

From Adri’s desk….

Onesie Buying Guide

The big chill has arrived in sunny SA, but not all chills are alike. Your ‘lil one might be sweating in Durban or have a very freezing bottom in the Northern Cape or Midlands.

Rest assured, we have a Onesie for every temp!

1- Cotton Rib, Interlock and Double Knit.
 If you’re looking to compare our cotton, we can’t compare as we use double knit, unlike  the standard cotton lycra used by popular stores. In Durban, this may be more than sufficient at night but not under 14 degrees unless you layer up with a sleeping sack. Great for daywear and layered sleepwear.

2- Cotton Fleece (also stretchy fleeces)
Now we’re talking, this is a lovely quality with added stretch for those busy limbs. It’s a nice dense knit and it’s brushed on the inside. In very cold places you might want to add a blankie or sleeping sack.

3- Plush (also called Velour, coral fleece and minky)
This is the Rolls Royce of Onesies for very cold nights.
The warmest plush ones are the Classic Navy, Cloudy Grey , Black, Vanilla, Red and Pistachio (plains).

The printed plush is warmer than cotton interlock but not as thick and fluffy as the plains. Good day-playwear and night time if your child gets night sweats no matter what temps.

Dem toes…
Of course, they have fold-over footies which is fabulous if you want them to run around in the day with open feet or paired with shoes for outings.

I get asked this quite often
“Hi, do you need to put something under the plush onesies?”
My answer is that it depends on your child.  Many moms put a vest underneath. Plushies are soft on both sides and will not irritate skin. As far as man-made yarns go, this is of the comfiest. It’s a personal decision and depends on your child, and as always – mom knows best.

How many do I need?
My personal recommendation is to buy three. That way, one is in the wash while the other is drying. You may also prefer to mix the cotton with the plush for variety and different night temps.

But I suspect you will be back for more! We’re very proud of this range and welcome you to the Hoolie Onesie Club. Please share pics, we love the happy faces.

PS: Our smart zips open from the bottom so loo time is not an Arctic affair of the heart! Makes changing nappies a breeze too.

Be sure to check the size guide. No tape measure? Grab a a string, then measure it against a ruler. Our sizing is not small.

Cotton Rib / Double Knit

Plush velour / Coral Fleece

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