Wholesale Credit

Only offered in South Africa

Choices on the PAYFAST page:

  1. MoreTyme
  2. Mobicred
  3. RCS Store Card
  4. Normal Credit Card where you can put in on BUDGET.

With Tymebank, choose the TymeBank payment method on the Payfast page. Scan the QR code and you will be prompted to create an account. You pay 1/3 upfront with the following 2/3 through the next 60 days. Tymebank offers up to 55 days interest-free when you pay your full outstanding balance each month.

If you choose Mobicred you will need a Mobicred account and be approved to receive credit.
The instalment is based on a 12-month repayment at a current 20.25% interest rate p.a, excluding any account fees. Once your account with Mobicred is in order, you will be able to login with your account and approve the credit transaction. 

For RCS you will need to apply for a RCS store card if you don’t already have one. Their repayments revolve around a 24 or 36 month plan with up to 55 days interest-free.  Once your account has been created and you have activated your store card, you will be able to login and approve the credit transaction.

As per screenshot below when you check out, then follow the prompts.

Wholesale Credit