Wholesale Application

How to apply
– If you own a physical store, apply below.
Note: We do not supply standalone online stores, social media, or home-based sellers.

  • South African stores: MOQ: R5000, Top-Up order value: R2000
  • Export to other countries MOQ: ZAR 20 000
    (online stores are permitted abroad – VAT is not charged if we arrange your freight)
    More on Export Orders

How does online wholesale ordering work?

1- Apply lower down, if approved – see (2) – (5)
2- Log in to see wholesale pricing.
3- Order like any normal online store.
4- At checkout, select EFT, and for delivery – local collection – Courier will be added to your invoice later.
5- If you select Card payment, a separate courier quote will be sent to you after we have weighed your order.

Settlement for goods is on a pre-paid basis and no terms are offered.
Should you require assistance with the process, please reach out and we will assist.

Wholesale Access Application

Please fill out all fields and provide as much information as possible to facilitate the approval process.
We will make contact in 48 hours.

** Regret, we do not supply online resellers.

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Email the following to us to facilitate your application.
1- VAT registration (if registered)
2- Company Registration