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About our comfy sizes

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How do I know my child’s clothing size?

Measure your child from the shoulder to the ankles. If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string and measure that with a ruler. For the perfect fit, we encourage you to then consult the size chart available in the image gallery of each product. (it will save you the effort of exchanging items and waiting for the courier to deliver the correct size)
Please do not size up without checking the size chart first.

How should kids clothing fit?

Hoolies believes your child must feels comfortable , and their clothing must allow for freedom of movement, and adapt to their growth. Always prioritize comfort and safety over style when it comes to children’s clothing.
Kids are always active, and wearing comfy clothing allows them to freely engage in play and discovery. Prioritize attributes like breathable cotton or soft fleece with smooth seams for your child’s ease and comfort.

Hoolies Winter Kids Clothing and Baby Clothing Sizes

When it comes to kids and baby clothing, sizing is a topic that often pops up among parents. At Hoolies, we’re frequently asked how our sizes compare to those of other brands. The truth is, we don’t compare—because we can’t. Our journey into the world of Onesies revealed a lack of consistency in the market. Many well-known brands seemed to offer sizes that were on the smaller, snugger side.

Kids and Baby Onesie Sizes

Given the unique nature of Plush Velour—a material that stretches more horizontally than vertically—we realized that conventional sizing wouldn’t suffice. Working with Plush Velour is challenging; it’s a slippery fabric during the cutting process, often requiring additional adjustments on the production floor to ensure the front and back panels align perfectly. These characteristics necessitated a shift towards more generous sizing.

Moreover, our onesies feature fold-over footies, which add another dimension to our sizing considerations. To avoid discomfort for the little ones, especially when the footie is folded over their feet, we ensure the length is ample so it doesn’t pull up.

Cotton Onesies and Sets sizes

Cotton presents a different scenario. Initially, we introduced a smaller pattern for our cotton fabric options, but this led to confusion among our regular clientele. To maintain clarity and consistency, we’ve decided to standardize our sizing across the board. Now, regardless of the fabric, one size fits all is our new standard, ensuring simplicity and convenience for all our customers. Having said that, often a certain fabric may pull in or expand, so a variance of 2-3cm may occur.

Winter Sleepwear Sets Sizes

Our sleepwear sets, available in both plush and cotton, offer a snug yet comfortable fit for your child. While they are designed with a slightly smaller silhouette compared to our onesies, they don’t compromise on comfort. The waistbands are crafted with soft, loose waist elastic, ensuring a gentle grip that’s just right for a good night’s sleep. Whether you choose the luxurious feel of plush or the classic comfort of cotton, our sleepwear sets are tailored to provide your little one with the perfect blend of coziness and freedom of movement.

At Hoolies, we’re dedicated to comfort and quality, ensuring that our large sizing accommodates the needs of growing children without compromising on the ease of movement. So, when you choose Hoolies for your kids and baby clothing, rest assured that our sizes are designed with your child’s utmost comfort in mind.

Feel free to contact us below if you require assistance with sizes.