Wholesale Terms and Conditions

The terms of wholesale policy are set out below which is accepted when the wholesale user registers and checking out their cart.

If there is anything unclear, please ask us to explain it to you before you accept the Terms and Conditions, continue using the Website, or place an online wholesale order.

  • By registering on the Hoolies website and/or buying goods from Hoolies online, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, including the Returns and Tax Policy. You also agree that Hoolies will send invoices to you electronically.
  • If a displayed price contains an error, we are not bound by it after:
    1- Correcting the error as soon as it is identified in the advertised displayed price; and
    2- Taking all reasonable steps to inform the customers who ordered these items about the error and the correct price

Area of Sales
Your reseller/wholesale account has been approved for reselling at the physical store address provided in your application. No other sale areas are permitted unless notifying us in writing of the new venue with written approval from Hoolies.
No secondary website listings such as “Takealot, Zando, Gumtree etc” but not limited to these.
No sales or displays at Trade Fairs and Flea Markets.
Wholesale users who are found selling outside their area or on flea markets and other trade fairs will have their user account disabled with no notice given.

Wholesale user status
Once your application is approved, orders to be placed within 10 business days. If no opening order is received, wholesale status is deactivated automatically unless we are informed of a delay beforehand.

All listed stock is in stock and available for delivery within 4-5 days once your payment has cleared.
If items are on pre-order, it will be clearly marked on the item description.
If pre-order items are combined with regular stock, your order will only ship when the pre-order items are ready. If you would like your regular items first, a separate shipping fee will apply.
See more about Pre Order.

Minimum Order Quantities for deliveries in South Africa (MOQ)
Opening order values R5000 (including VAT)
Top-up Orders R1800 (including VAT)
No part orders and small orders are accepted, only MOQ will secure your stock.

Minimum Order Quantities for deliveries outside South Africa (MOQ)
Non-Exclusive Country Exports – ZAR 20 000
Country Exclusive Export Orders – ZAR 50 000 with bi-annual top up orders.

Once we receive your order – goods are weighed and a courier amount is added.
An updated invoice is mailed to the wholesaler.
Once courier has been paid with the amount cleared into our bank account, the goods will be sent for final packing. From payment to courier may take 4-5 days.
In the event of delays, it will be communicated to you via email.

Minimum Retail Prices
The reseller’s selling prices must be above the RSP’s of the Hoolies site.
Clearance of items is permitted 6 months after purchase for seasonal ranges.
Premium Range items must remain listed at the full RSP.

At all times, the reseller is an outlet, and may not be represented as a subsidiary or franchise of Hoolies.
Use of the Hoolies logo may be on a rail or display of our ranges to be pre-approved by Hoolies.
Only items that have been purchased may be advertised by the reseller.
No drop-shipping. Deliveries to you is to your registered address.

If you wish to be listed as an accredited outlet of Hoolies, please send your website details for consideration.
Only outlets that place regular top-up orders of our latest ranges can be listed as an outlet by Hoolies.