About Plush Velour

Made with comfort, style, and safety in mind. There’s nothing quite like it for a warm winter snooze. Cuddly and stretchy, feels like being wrapped in a warm blankie.

What is it made of?

High quality synthetic fibres.

Exceptional Softness and Comfort – Does not scratch or irritate skin

The standout characteristic of Mongolian fleece is its extraordinary softness. The fine fibers weave together to form a plush surface that’s incredibly soothing to the touch. Kids and Moms love it! This makes it perfect for our Plushiegrows and Plush Sets. The fleece’s gentle caress promotes sound and warm sleep with a sumptuous tactile experience.

Inherent Warmth and Insulation

Mongolian fleece is not only soft but also impressively warm. It naturally traps heat, making it our go-to material for chillier seasons or snug indoor wear. It balances your little one’s body temperature, ensuring warmth without causing discomfort from excess heat.

Durability and Longevity

Contrary to its plush feel, Mongolian fleece is quite robust. Its resilient fibers endure regular usage and laundering, retaining its velvety quality and integrity. This resilience guarantees that Hoolies items crafted from Mongolian fleece remain luxurious over time, representing a sound investment.
Your kids will agree 🙂